Friday, June 19, 2009

Praise Allah today...Friday Mimbar(Alhamdulillah...)

Allah says, “And whatever favor you have, it is from Allah;
Look at everything around you: The clothes we wear; they are made of wool, cotton, or leather. Where do these things come from? And what is their origin? If we think for a while, we will
How many times do we thank people for favors they do for us and forget to praise Allah. Who protects us, and our families but Allah? What if someone bought you a present? You would thank him and your wife would suggest that you call him and thank him again. Do not you feel embarrassed that you thank people more than you thank Allah?think about it deeply bro..

There are other aspects of Allah’s blessings; you can see while other people do not, you can hear while others are deaf, and you can walk and move from one place to another while some people are paralyzed. You can understand when others cannot. Why do we always remember our misfortunes and forget all these blessings that Allah has bestowed upon us? The blessing of breathing; think how many times you breathe in one minute....masya Allah(tak terlintas pun kita selama ni kan) What about if you are in charge of your breathing? We should not forget the blessings of education, parents and the most important and the greatest blessing is that we are Muslims, and that Allah has offered us Ramadan as a chance to prostrate ourselves in worshiping Him.(masa ni kekadang masa awal2 ramadhan jer, pastu jadi malas plak... adusss...hopefully this coming ramadhan, i will take seriously about it...) The most beautiful blessing is al-jannah (Paradise). A cloud would pass over the people of al-jannah and ask them, ‘What would you like me to rain today?’

Imagine if Allah (SWT) created us without organs and we have to buy our organs with money, for how much would you buy your eyes? And if you were not rich enough you might not afford buying your son two eyes; you may then buy him one instead. Hence, you, with all your organs, are worth billions of dollars. Same likes on paper yesterday, a baby boy from Kuala Perlis do'nt have a sex organ, imagine guys?

Blessed praises be to Allah Who created and shaped us and bestowed His blessings upon us. Praise be to Allah with whose favor good deeds are done. “Praise be to Allah Who has sent down upon His bondman the Book and has not made to it any crookedness;” Praise be to Allah Who hears all supplications and does not give attention to a supplication more than the other. THank You Allah!

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  1. Ya akhi, which mosque you're attendding for Jumaah prayer today? I thought you're at PTSS mosque, but Khatib Yaseer preached about The Sign of Allah's Love On Us..
    Maybe you're went to Morocco Mosque..hehehe...and you're copying their Khutbah text.